If your considering putting your caches up for adoption then you're in the right place. Firstly, lets get your caches an adopter. Click the adoption form below so I can get your caches up on the site for everyone to see. You can submit a total of 3 at a time. If you have more, then simply revisit the page again.

Click the link to see what your listing will look like EXAMPLE LISTING

Once an adopter has been identified then you will need to visit the Geocaching website to send a request to the person who wants to adopt your cache.

Here are the steps to transfer the ownership of your geocache.

  • Log into your Geocaching account and visit the adoption page.
  • Enter the GC code (GC????) and click "Look Up"
  • Enter the Geocaching username of the adopter and click "Go"
  • Click on "Send Adoption Request"
  • The potential geocache adopter will need to log in and visit the
    the adoption page to accept the adoption request.

Don't forget to Contact Us to let us know that the adoption has gone through so we can remove it from the website.




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